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At Darthaven we are one of two main distributors within the UK. Halyard products are suited for the pleasure craft, commercial and Super yacht industries. 

Managing engine noise, smoke and vibration, as well as your overboard discharges, is becoming increasingly important as we all become far more aware of the impact we are having on our surroundings.

Halyard offer the most advanced products available to achieve this, be it simple engine noise, a sophisticated and specially designed exhaust system, or a filter to remove oil from bilge water before it is pumped overboard. Everything we make can be tailored to suit your needs, and we support our products with excellent levels of customer service.

  • Exhaust Systems - Exhaust silencers ,separators, exhaust system risers, transom outlets, exhaust hose & silicone & exhaust accessories
  • Engine protection - Exhaust alert systems & sea strainer alarm
  • Noise reduction 
  • Wavestream filters 
  • Anti-vibration - Aquadrive & engine mounts 

Halyard service & sales

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