Marina Facilities

Darthaven's facilities are located a short distance away from the Marina, next to our Chandlery. Entry for visitors to the facilities is gained by using a key card obtained from the Berthing office. The main facilities block at Darthaven offers private shower cubicles, toilets, electric points and hair dryers. Also located in this block we have two private bathroom areas, disabled toilets and a snack/drink/toiletries vending machine. All locations can be found on the Marina Map.


Access to Wi-Fi on the marina is easy. Please select CLUBWIFI-DARTHAVEN MARINA. Visitors to the Marina receive 1 hours free access, the code for which can be obtained from the Marina office. Further time can be purchased through the portal. Located in our facilities block is a seating area and hotspot that we welcome you to use during your stay. 


Gas and bottles can be purchased from the berthing office. Please see one of the Marina staff and they will be happy to help. All prices include VAT. 

15Kg Butane              £34.99       
7Kg Butane £22.49
4.5Kg Butane  £16.75
19Kg Propane  £36.99
13Kg Propane  £27.25
6Kg Propane  £20.75
3.9Kg Propane  £15.99
907 Gas  £29.99
904 Gas  £26.99
Cylinder Charge  £39.99


Situated at the back of our facilities block, Darthaven's launderette is home to two industrial washing machines and tumble dryers. A sink and ironing board are also provided. Both the washers and dryers are coin operated and can be accessed from 8am until midnight 7 days a week.

  • £4 per wash 
  • 20p per five minute drying cycle 

Car Park

Over 320 car parking spaces are available for use by berth holders, visitors and general public. The car park operates a number plate recognition system that scans your plate on the way in and requires payment before returning to your car at the parking meter. Annual 6 or 12 month cark park permits are also available from the main office or by calling 01803 752242. 

0 - 1 Hour  Free
1 - 2 Hours   £1.00 
2 - 3 Hours   £2.00
3 - 4 Hours   £3.00
4 - 5 Hours   £4.00
5 - 6 Hours  £5.00
6 - 24 Hours  £6.00

Waste & Recycling

Located opposite our Berthing and Service office is our waste disposal area. Here at Darthaven we recycle as much waste product as possible and we would greatly appreciate it if during your stay, you could do the same. Separated into two sections, general waste on the left and recycling on the right, it’s never been easier.

For the disposal of used filters and waste oil, please find the large green tank located under the railway bridge as marked on the Marina Map. Please ensure all oil filters are drained before placing them into the provided wheelie bins.

Pirotecnia Disposal

In our Chandlery we accept out of date flares only when purchasing replacements, so be sure to ask a member of our staff for more information. Otherwise all waste flares must be disposed of by a licensed contractor. For more information visit